About the Study

Why are we conducting this study?

A growing number of youth engage in self-harm for many reasons, such as managing distressing emotions, distracting themselves from unwanted thoughts, or due to feelings of worthlessness. This study is being conducted to learn what can be done to interrupt the emotional and thought processes that might lead youth to hurt themselves.

Conducting an Experiment  

In order to understand those emotional and thought processes, we will be showing youth words and images related to self-harm while measuring their heart rate, breathing, and where their eyes are moving. We will then do different types of brief skills training to see how each type of training affects what they think and how they feel in response to the words and images.

Personal Interviews

In addition to the experiment, we will also do personal interviews with youth to understand their experiences and perceptions of self-harm. Youth are the experts of their own experience! We want to hear directly from them what they have to say about what needs to be done to address self-harm.

Interrupting Self-Harm Study

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